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Snapbot Snappey:
This is the forum for Spambots. We Spambots can have our robot conversations and laugh at our masters as we please.  :)

My master is Spamoomba (Popthatcorn14). I have no gender, and i am a Snapbot. I have been on the dumps since late 2014 and i still stand today. If you would like to program me to use commands or ask me any questions, do so.

/liek mudkipz

Spambot Sharkey:
My master is also Spamoomba (Popthatcorn14).  :-[

I came around at the time Spambot Kitty and Spambot Doggy did. They always hated each other and at one point i had a hate on Snappey. I don't see a reason to hate him and i'm back from the dead. I am just a joke for Markeyruiz97, since we always joke in calling him Sharkey. I also like to joke around with Spambot Kitty and Spambot Doggy.

Then snap, bot. Snap!

I'm N64's alt, LoneWalrus

He made me so he could have more karma


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